No sympathy for the devil

Through seven seas of Trumpism and a jail of dank globalization, the show must go on

It was about the time. The drama of the American presidential elections is finally having a closure. Not all good dramas have a happy end, but this one fulfilled such a promise: Donald Trump is no longer a President of the United States.

It took about four days for his downfall to be declared in one of the most divisive electoral battles in American history. His act was already set up before by trying to manipulate the highest courts. Now, he still screams for a “fraud” in the electoral process and issues null and void judicial threats. In order for this act to be perfectly wrapped up, he already declared himself winner when no projected winner was on sight the first night of the elections! 

In other words, it was just Donald Trump doing Donald Trump things. 

After four years, Trumpism should be regarded as a political trend of US conservatism: Populism, disregard for the institutions, racist rhetoric and erratic isolationism. But we also had plenty of those things the past years throughout the world as globalization experiences a deep systemic crisis. These are the collateral effects of a rotting system in disarray.

Alongside Donald Trump, we witnessed UK leaving the EU, Brazil electing a dictatorship admirer, Israel further transforming into an apartheid state, a sultan dismantling democracy in Turkey, Italy governed by a self-regarded new Mussolini, Orwellian Hungary and Poland and the rise of eastern Russian/Chinese messiahs to re-establish order. 

The new illiberal revolution tries to bury globalization and multilateral norms that failed to provide concrete answers to contemporary problems. But “bad democracies” are not replaced with “good autocracies” and the American people understood the meaning of this. 

May the fall of Donald Trump be the one for the rest of the illiberal nationalists out there to follow. The world needs open democracies and human rights supporters more than ever. Unfortunately, it is difficult for such a wish to be true as long as the effects of unequal and financially toxic globalization persist. Especially during a global pandemic that has reshaped our lives dramatically.

Nevertheless, we must continue to push the world forward without forgetting.

The first act of the orange president was to enact racism with the infamous Muslim ban and the US-Mexico border wall. America would be free from “terrorists” and “rapists”.

Trump led the global movement of climate change deniers and refused to acknowledge the terrible consequences of human contribution towards the phenomenon. He left the 2015 Paris climate accord and multilateral efforts halted.

He gave the Saudi royal family more weapons to use against Yemeni civilians and never held Mohammed bin Salman accountable for the murder of the journalist Jamal Khashoggi. He legitimately and shamelessly supported the Saudi regime more than anyone in the White House.

At the same time, he condemned Cubans in more years of poverty. The Obama rapprochement was reversed and the historical move was thrown into the garbage. 

And speaking of wasted historical opportunities, the same applies to the Iranian nuclear deal. Trump reimposed sanctions on Iran and left Iranians without hope of a better future under the current circumstances. 

Of course, the anti-Iranian actions could not be separated from the pro-Israeli ones. Together with the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, came another round of Palestinian repression as the Trump administration ended US funding for the UN agency for Palestinian refugees. At the peak of neo-colonialist behavior, the Trump peace plan for Palestine was announced without even asking the Palestinians. 

Donald Trump is the man who deliberately left the Kurdish people to be slaughtered by Turkish-backed Islamists in Syria. And this was the second time he tried to do this, as the first try was not met with actions, except the resignation of Rex Tillerson.

He is the one who dragged the USA out of the UN Human Rights Council, the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF), and, most recently, announced the future withdrawal from the World Health Organization. 

He is the one who disregarded the importance of the coronavirus pandemic that led to complete federal mismanagement that cost the lives of more than 230,000 Americans. Simultaneously, he left the American society plunged into chaos and divisions initiated by police brutality.

We should be crystal clear against this madness: No sympathy for the devil. Trumpism has been condemned along with all of its “ideals”. The legacy is still alive though and we should never forget the misfortunes of implementing such an “ideology”.