Réponse du Quiz Free Fly Event - The 2948 Anniversary Special - Maximum Throttle Ship masters

Réponse du Quiz Free Fly Event - The 2948 Anniversary Special - Maximum Throttle Ship masters

Star Citizen 2018-11-27

Le nom est long et les réponses parfois compliquées mais heureusement j'ai réuni pour vous toutes les réponses; si vous obtenez 100% de réussite vous gagnerez un badge et un certificat à télécharger.


  • Question 1: Don't get caught in a jam. How many Emergency Ammunition Access panels are spread throughout the Anvil Valkyrie?

    • Answer: 6

  • Question 2: You've given yourself a nasty cut while repairing the coolers on your Anvil Terrapin. Where do you find the first aid kit?

    • Answer: Bathroom Wall

  • Question 3: The heat is on! What is the temperature of the Aegis Regulus power plant in the Gladiator while idle?

    • Answer: 435



  • Question 1: Looks like R&R time got cut short in the Constellation Phoenix and some poor crew member had to abandon their hand. What suit is the Ace left on the table?

    • Answer: Diamonds

  • Question 2: RSI designers are not known for conservative branding. How many times does the RSI logo appear within the interior of the Aurora MR?

    • Answer: 6

  • Question 3: You never know when your planetside adventures may result in a busted tire. What is the standard rim size displayed on the tires of the RSI Ursa Rover?

    • Answer: 53



  • Question 1: Great (and overproofed) things often come in small packages. What is the brand name of the tiniest bottle of alcohol in the upstairs bar of the 600i Explorer?

    • Answer: Shipside's friend

  • Question 2: Any true racer knows that a ship is only as impressive as its decals. What Manufacturer's logo, besides Origin Jumpworks, is featured on the hull of the m50?

    • Answer: ACOM

  • Question 3: Impress your fanciest friends with in-depth trivial knowledge of the 300 series. How many yellow lights are there on the inside back wall of the 350R?

    • Answer: 4



  • Question 1: Access denied? What phrase is written on the right wall just inside the door to the back, upper turret on the Hammerhead?

    • Answer: Engineer Access Only

  • Question 2: Get them there safe and sound. How many total jump seats are in the back of the Vanguard Hoplite?

    • Answer: 6

  • Question 3: Bombs away! What Critical message is displayed on the missile casings inside the Sabre Comet?

    • Answer: Critical Bolt Torque See Maintenance Manual



  • Question 1: Ugh. Your no-good copilot sleeps all the time, always commandeers the upper berth, and now you need a replacement bed. Good thing your Cutlass is under warranty. What's the number on the barcode for the top bunk?

    • Answer: 26942 0029

  • Question 2: When you gotta go, you gotta go. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't take proper safety precautions. What does the warning label displayed on the Herald's toilet read?

    • Answer: Hand Crush Warning

  • Question 3: The canopy isn't the only thing that's open on the Dragonfly series. What color are the exposed tubes near the front of the ship?

    • Answer: blue



  • Question 1: Your shiny new Aopoa scout ship just got jacked! Luckily the Advocacy is on the case. What is the serial number marked on the side of the default loadout of the Khartu-al?

    • Answer: Serial No: 5634-X45

  • Question 2: Sometimes just getting into an alien ship is half the adventure. When entering the cockpit of the Glaive, what two messages are displayed on the ship door's interior?

    • Answer: Keep Clear of Loading mechanisim; Do not stand

  • Question 3: Koa e Ko'ia can be hazardous to your well being and that of your vehicle. But that's where insurance comes in! When reclaiming an Aopoa Nox for the first time, how long is the delivery time?

    • Answer: 2 minutes



  • Question 1: You're planning a trip to Terra but you're short on time to stop for supplies. According to the computer on the Freelancer, how full is your frozen food capacity?

    • Answer: Container Capacity 15%

  • Question 2: In the MISC Reliant, what does the yellow sticker on the Pilot and Copilot chairs say?


  • Question 3: You find yourself stranded on a remote asteroid, and it might be some time till your distress beacon is picked up by the UWC. What is the main color of light around the survival kit inside the bathroom on the MISC Prospector?

    • Answer: Green



  • Question 1: On a long haul into Nexus, you start thinking about how your eye doc back on Crusader said you'd need corrective lenses soon. But what does the doc know? In the ARGO MPUV 1C, what are the 3 biggest letters on the yellow sticker above the passenger seats?

    • Answer: PGH

  • Question 2: Word on Spectrum is that some small-time thugs out of GrimHEX have been selling bootleg Tumbril vehicles. Make sure you've got the real deal. What is the Component ID on the Cyclone RC Safety Approval sticker?

    • Answer: CL1927756-NK4U

  • Question 3: Even though Consolidated Outland enthusiasts are anything but square, beneath the rear of the Mustang Gamma are two big squares filled with smaller orange squares. How many small orange squares are there in total?

    • Answer: 72


Et voilà vous avez tout fait!